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Preparing a Section 32 Vendor Statement

Accurate Section 32 Vendor Statements, every time.

Our experienced conveyancers can help you sell all types of residential and commercial property across Victoria, including with the preparation of Section 32 Vendor Statements.

A Section 32 statement, also referred to as a vendor’s statement, is a legal document that contains the property title and information about the piece of land being sold. Vendors must provide a Section 32 Vendor Statement to prospective buyers. You can’t sell property without it.

Once the Section 32 Vendor Statement is finalised, the seller must sign it. The successful buyer will also sign it as proof it was provided to them before the Contract of Sale was signed.

Helping you sell property stress-free.

If you’re selling property, our qualified conveyancers can prepare your Section 32 Vendor Statement and Contract of Sale which are legally compliant and free of errors. The documents take a few weeks to prepare as we request paperwork and information from various government agencies and authorities.

Our team understands you may feel sensitive, overwhelmed or simply keen to sell your property as soon as possible. So when it comes to preparing your Section 32 Vendor Statement, we keep you in the loop every step of the way and explain all the legal jargon to you.

Our aim is to make the preparation of your Section 32 Vendor Statement as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Section 32 Vendor Statements prepared fast.

Key elements of Section 32 Vendor Statements

As a legal document, Section 32 Vendor Statements must include the following information:

Vendor details

  • Title details.
  • Any building permit issued on the property in the last 7 years.
  • A written inspection report indicating any defects in case the seller is the owner-builder.
  • Details of the warranty insurance for the owner-builder.
  • Any restrictions that are on the title.
  • Planning information and zoning restrictions.
  • Any payments on the property such as land taxes being made by the seller.
  • Any notices or orders such as fencing, sewerage, and road-widening from the local authorities.
  • Any services connected to the property.
  • Accessibility to the property by road.
  • Declaration if the area in which the property is located is prone to bushfires.

Our experienced conveyancers will ensure your Section 32 Vendor Statement is prepared accurately and with all necessary items included.

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Section 32 Vendor Statements prepared fast.
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