Buying a home is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do

Moonee Valley Conveyancing prides itself on the highest quality service and we are confident that we will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

There are many complexities around the rules and regulations of property transfer which can lead to it being a stressful experience.  Moonee Valley Conveyancing makes the buying process as straightforward as possible by arranging and completing the paperwork required to ensure that a clear title is transferred with minimal complications; providing peace of mind for our clients.  We take care of the following processes for you:

  • Check the terms of the contract and vendor’s statement to ensure that adequate disclosure has been made
  • Search Title to confirm that the vendor has right to sell and provides good safe holding marketable title
  • Applying for necessary certificates
  • Lodge a Caveat over the property on your behalf to secure your equitable interest
  • Preparation of transfer documentation
  • Coordinating the transaction with your lender and the vendor’s representative
  • Calculate statement of adjustments and the balance of money required for settlement
  • Arrange and attend settlement
  • Where no mortgage over property we attend to stamping and lodging documents for registration
  • Preparation of notice of acquisition and forward to council and appropriate authorities to advise of change of ownership
  • Provide you with statement of settlement figures for your records



When selling your property, give yourself the best chance in the market

Many people sell and buy at the same time so coordinating a sale and purchase involves knitting the two transactions together so they complete on the same date. This creates a transaction chain. Flexibility, a considerate attitude and great negotiating skills are what you need to deal with being part of a chain.

At Moonee Valley Conveyancing we are positive that you will be delighted with how we project manage your real estate sale.

The Sale of Land Act requires a vendor of real estate to provide specific information about the property being sold to a prospective purchaser.  This is known as a Section 32 Statement.  Moonee Valley Conveyancing will compile a Section 32 Statement as well as any other documentation that is required for the sale of your property.

We will check and prepare all financial adjustments, attend settlement on your behalf and liaise with all the relevant parties to ensure the transaction runs smoothly.  All we require from you is for you to return a simple Section 32 Questionnaire that we send to you.  Any information that you provide will assist us in getting the job done quickly and efficiently.  We will take care of the following processes for you:

  • Discuss and prepare the section 32 and contract of sale
  • Once sold we contact your bank to arrange discharge of your mortgage
  • Where possible we forward section 27 statement to purchaser’s representative to secure early release of the deposit for you
  • Receive and check transfer of land documentation
  • Ensure all adjustments for rates and charges have been calculated correctly
  • Arrange settlement
  • Attend settlement on your behalf, and arrange for payment of the proceeds of sale in accordance with your directions
  • Preparation of notice of disposition and forward to council and appropriate authorities to advise of change of ownership
  • Provide you with statement of settlement figures for your records

Transferring Ownership of Property

Transferring property between friends and family is often a complicated process that leads to very expensive outcomes if not handled properly.  Moonee Valley Conveyancing can help you streamline the transferral process and ensure you don’t have to pay any more than you should.

We advise you on payment of stamp duty, arrange any necessary forms and organise title transfer documents.  We also review your lending arrangements, attend settlement and see that all forms are lodged and documents in order.


Whether your home loan has expired, you’re looking for a better deal or you want to borrow additional funds, Moonee Valley Conveyancing can help you minimise the costs and hassle associated with refinancing your property loan.

We can take care of all the paperwork and communications associated with refinancing.  This includes liaising with you and your lender, organising documents, helping you meet any requirements set by the lender, lodging forms, and ensuring all is in place for a smooth and successful settlement.